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Cold Water Enthusiasm: A Cautionary Tale

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Last week the specter of spring settled over Boston with a 60-degree day that I know made every one of us jiggy to row. Taking out a double or quad was possible -- almost ideal as a way to break up the February doldrums. But for me the day brought back a memory of last winter when I did head out on the Danvers River, a tidal stretch that eventually empties into the bay of Salem Harbor.

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Cold Water Safety

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Cold Water Safety Procedures

Education and common sense are the two most important factors in dealing with cold water situations.

What are the dangers of cold water? Cold water is frightening. Heat is lost at an incredible rate. The body cools off some 25 times faster in water than in air. This is especially dangerous for athletes who have little body fat. However, survival time varies according to age, gender, body size, weight and general health. These factors should be taken into consideration before one decides to go for a row in cold water situations.

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